A dress of many patterns update

Happy June, everyone,

The sunshine is finally here – after what seems like a very, very long wait.

And in case you are curious, there is an update on the dress of many patterns. As the fibres are finer than what I am accustomed to, my knitting goes a bit slower, so stitching the swatches takes me perhaps a bit longer than other knitters.

However, I am very happy with the fibres chosen and look forward to working with them as we move further into the project.

Test swatch knit with silk & wool blend Heritage Silk by Cascade Yarns.Test swatch square on the needles

The fibres are 100% silk from Knit Picks and a silk / wool blend from Cascade Yarns.

All swatches come out at 10 stitches per inch.

The silk / wool blend will be used for the ‘sampler’ shawl. The shawl will be made up of vintage pattern samplers (swatches) based on textile items in the Huron County Museum. Stitchers of all levels are welcome, beginner to advanced for the shawl portion which will consist of various pieces. I’m currently working on getting beginner patterns ready to go for this.

If you are an experienced stitcher and you’d like to pick and design your own pattern recreation, have a look at the images of original vintage textiles in the museums collection: http://www.stitchrevivalstudio.ca/a-dress-of-many-patterns/. Or visit the museum’s online catalogue here: https://huroncountymuseum.pastperfectonline.com/. The finished squares or circles should measure 3″.

The 100% silk will be used for the dress pieces. You will notice in the images that the silk swatch was first knit with 1 strand and then switched to 2 strands. The 2 strands look better, I think. I tried to find a thicker weight 100% silk yarn, but I was not able to find anything that I liked.

The 100% silk is called Luminance and is part of KnitPicks ‘Bare’ line of undyed yarns.

The lace over-bodice and over-skirt portions could be in filet crochet using 1-strand of 100% silk fibre. This idea is an initial one and might be altered going forward as all creative needlework ideas change depending on the circumstances. For instance, will filet crochet work with the silk fibre or not? I’ve never crocheted with silk before, so… we shall see.

Next steps?

The next step for me will be completing the sampler shawl beginner kits and making them available for those new stitchers who want to join in and give it a go. Kits for the sampler shawl will be available in the very near future.

If you are very eager and don’t want to wait for me, feel free to get your own ball of Heritage Silk (85% Merino and 15% Mulberry Silk) from Cascade Yarns and just start stitching: 10 stitches per inch; finished size of 3″ square or circle.

If you would like to join in or just have questions, just send me an email at sbolen@stitchrevivalstudio.ca.

More updates will follow soon.

Thanks and have a great week!

Happy Stitching 🙂