Test knit swatches in silk and wool

A fibre decision made

wedding dress dated from 1911
Heirloom 1911 wedding dress from the collection of the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol. (Photo used with permission courtesy of the Huron County Museum)

A fibre decision has been made. And the choice is…

There were many test swatches done and fibres tested until there were three top choices. And then, after some further testing and planning, the choice has been narrowed to two fibres:

  1. 100% silk
  2. wool / silk blend


Test knit swatches in silk and wool
Test swatches. From bottom to top: 100% silk, lace weight, Bare Luminance from Knit Picks; wool & silk mix, fingering weight, Heritage Silk from Cascade Yarns; Gloss fingering wool & silk mix from Knit Picks.

The shawl will be a ‘swatch sampler’, consisting of knitted or crocheted squares – or any needlework technique that will lend itself to the fingering weight wool. This ‘sampler’ shawl will be a great opportunity for beginner stitchers to try their hand at a vintage pattern. Kits will be available in the near future that will include yarn and pattern and instructions.

If you are interested in a kit, please contact Sharlene at sbolen@stitchrevivalstudio.ca.