Happy Winter

Greetings, all and a very Happy Winter!

It’s December 28 as I write this and I’ve finally grabbed a moment to return to my desk.

This year has been a personally challenging one for me. Now, with the new year approaching and much rest, I find my creativity and desire to stitch is returning, slowly. I’m looking forward to new projects and a return to a past project that I had to put off to focus, at the time, on the family emergency at hand and then the long-term outcomes.

Now that I have a moment to look ahead, I would like wish you all a wonderfully creative 2023!

And if you are a knitting history enthusiast as I am, I suggest you register soon for the upcoming online Knitting History Forum Conference, a yearly event with wonderful speakers that you shouldn’t miss! Here’s the link: http://knittinghistory.co.uk/knitting-history-forum-conference-2023/

Thanks & I’ll be back again soon!

Happy Stitching!