How to Make a Chiton Dress

A chiton, constructed from a rectangular piece of fabric, is a type of ancient Greek clothing worn in antiquity by both men and women. The chiton was wrapped over and around the body and held in place by shoulder pins and a waist sash or belt. Men wore the chiton knee-length; women always wore an ankle-length chiton. Today, the chiton is a popular and easy item to create and wear for a costume party. This no-sew method for making a chiton dress is quick and relatively simple.

You will need:

  • Flat white sheet
  • 3 safety pins or brooches
  • Waist sash, rope or belt

Step 1

Fold your sheet in half lengthwise. Fold in half again. One vertical fold runs the length of your body. The other side of the chiton is open.

Step 2

Place two pins or brooches at two points on the top edge of the folded sheet, creating a neck hole.

Step 3

Place your third pin or brooch at the one open corner to create the second armhole. The first armhole is created by the vertical fold in the sheet.

Step 4

Slip the chiton over your head and place your arms through the arm holes.

Step 5

Adjust the fabric folds to cover your body at the one open side. Wrap and tie a sash, belt or rope around your waist. Pull the excess fabric up under your belt.