Silk test samples on the needles

October update: silk on the needles

Greetings and a happy October to you!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to sit down and add an update to the blog.

What a beautiful autumn it’s been so far! So much lovely sunshine – perfect weather for fall hikes and finishing up the last of the backyard work.

As for me and my knitting…

facts logoIn early summer, I was offered a spot at the Fibre Arts and Creative Textiles Studio gallery in Blyth as a Peer Artist. I have just completed a project that I have been working on: a wool pillow for the FACTS Gallery. The pillow pattern is a recreation of the counterpane dresser scarf in the collection of the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol. I’m working on other pieces that are almost ready to go to their space in the gallery.

The Dress of Many Patterns

And so, my attention has once again returned to the stitching of samples and the Dress of Many Patterns. In the photo above, you can see two leaf lace samples that are currently on my knitting needles. The smaller sample is knit with 1 strand of 100% silk from KnitPicks. The larger sample is knit with 2 strands of the same silk.

The idea behind using 2 strands held together is to make the project a little more approachable for any other stitchers who may want to try to knit (or crochet) a sampler for use in the wedding dress project. The plan is to offer kits for sale at the gallery so that others can join in the project and stitch a square or two if are interested. More info will follow on the kits in the near future.

I’ll post an update once I finish the samplers and get them to the blocking stage.

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching! 🙂