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Historically Inspired Patterns

Knitting Kits

Our kits feature local, Huron County wool dyed with local, botanically derived dyes. 100% local, 100% natural.

  • Huron Wristers Knitting Kit
    Huron Wristers Knitting Kits: the kits are available and can be ordered by email. Inspired by a pair of gloves from the collection of the Huron County Museum, the knitting kit is a unique reflection of the natural resources, history, and creativity found in Huron County. If you'd like to order one now please send us an email or call! Cost is $25 plus shipping.
  • Wheeler Mitts Knitting Kits: Knit up a bit of Huron County! The Wheeler Mitts Kits, named in honour of Herbert Wheeler of Belgrave, reflects not only the history, but the resources and creativity found in Huron County. The 100% wool yarn is from Steele Wool Farm, just outside of Blyth, and was naturally dyed at FACTS. The assorted colours in the kits are part of the Huron County Colours line and reflect dyes that were created from flowers and plants sourced from FACTS' gardens. The kit contains enough wool to knit up a large pair of mittens with multiple sizes from child to adult included. Select the colours you'd like and knit up some local history! Email or call to order your kit! Cost is $25 plus shipping.

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