Rural Creatives Springboard Program

artscape launchpadGreat news, everyone!

Stitch Revival Studio has been accepted into the RURAL CREATIVES SPRINGBOARD PROGRAM, a new initiative by ARTSCAPE DANIELS LAUNCHPAD in Toronto and the CANADIAN CENTRE FOR RURAL CREATIVITY (CCRC) in Blyth, Ontario.

The Rural Creatives Springboard, beginning January 17,  is a UNIQUE URBAN/RURAL collaboration between Artscape and the CCRC. The Springboard spotlights and supports diverse voices of creative entrepreneurship across Canada.

The 3-month virtual program connects practicing artists, social entrepreneurs and other creatives from rurally/remotely situated places, and focuses on delivering a balance of technical training, creative mindset-building, with opportunities for networking, industry connections, co-creation, peer support and one-on-one mentorship.

Other benefits include a 12-month membership to Artscape Daniels Launchpad and the CCRC – with an invitation to participate in the Rural Talks to Rural conference in November 2022.

This program presents a wonderful opportunity to develop Stitch Revival Studio and plan future projects! I’m looking forward to the program, to the learning and networking workshops as well as future interactions with other rural creative entrepreneurs.

Thank you so much to Artscape Daniels Launchpad and the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity!

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