So many hearts!

Blue heart, pink hearts, and purple too… a very happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Heart Pattern


Finished size: The size of the finished heart depends on the type of yarn that you use.
Work flat: All pieces are knitted flat (back and forth) on a pair of straight knitting needles.
Tension: Don’t worry too much about tension for this pattern.
Casting on: Use the long tail cast on for all pieces.
Sewing seams: Use mattress stitch to sew the seams.

Yarn & Notions

Needles: A pair of 3.75mm straight knitting needles (US 5) or whatever you have on hand
Notions: A small amount of toy filling to stuff the heart; a darning or tapestry needle to sew the knitted pieces together; a stitch holder.
Yarn: Any colour, fibre, or weight that you have on hand.


Make 1. Cast on 6 sts on straight needles. Starting at the bottom tip of the heart.
Row 1: p (6 sts, WS)
Row 2: [k1, m1] x 2, k2, [m1, k1] x 2 (10 sts)
Row 3: p (10 sts)
Row 4: k2, [m1, k1] x 2, k3, [m1, k1] x 2, k1 (14 sts)
Row 5: p (14 sts)
Row 6: k3, [m1, k1] x 2, k5, [m1, k1] x 2, k2 (18 sts)
Row 7: p (18 sts)
Row 8: k4, [m1, k1] x 2, k7, [m1, k1] x 2, k3 (22 sts)
Row 9: p (22 sts)
Row 10: k5, [m1, k1] x 2, k9, [m1, k1] x 2, k4 (26 sts)
Row 11: p (26 sts)
Row 12: k6, [m1, k1] x 2, k11, [m1, k1] x 2, k5 (30 sts)
Row 13: p (30 sts)
Row 14: k7, [m1, k1] x 2, k13, [m1, k1] x 2, k6 (34 sts)
Row 15: p (34 sts)
Row 16: k (34 sts)
Row 17: p17, place the last 17 sts on a stitch holder to hold them to work later (17 sts)
For rows 18 to 22 work the 17 sts on your knitting needle for the first top piece.
Row 18: k (17 sts, RS)
Row 19: p (17 sts, WS)
Row 20: k1, k2tog, k3, ssk, k1, k2tog, k3, ssk, k1 (13 sts)
Row 21: p (13 sts)
Row 22: k1, k2tog, k1, ssk, k1, k2tog, k1, ssk, k1 (9 sts)
Pull through to cast off.
Place the held 17 sts on your knitting needle with the WS facing, ready to purl.
Row 1: p (17 sts)
Rows 2 to 6: follow the heart pattern rows 18 to 22 (9 sts)
Pull through to cast off.
To finish: First sew the side edges of the heart top together (from the cast off sts down to row 17). Then sew the side edges together for the seam that runs down the centre back of the heart, adding stuffing as you sew. Finish by gathering the cast on sts together at the bottom of the heart.