My dad, Bob Young

Greetings! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I thought it was time. It’s my birthday today and I’m ready to write again.

My dad, Bob Young passed last month after a short battle with cancer. In the end, it was his heart that gave out and he didn’t make it to survive the treatments. Dad was providing 24-hour care for my mom for a long time. He was, until the very end, a devoted husband and father.

This past year has been a hard one. My focus on Stitch Revival Studio wavered, I can admit, as I struggled emotionally to meet demands and expectations and balance everything while being present for those I loved.

The Wheelers Mitts Kits, finally completed early this year, represented a year’s worth of work, pain and effort as I struggled to provide support and assistance to my parents and keep going on my own work and provide for my family. I was so grateful to get the kit done and for the kind-hearted help I received from those who believed in what I was trying to do.

Today is my 54th birthday. And I find myself thinking about my dad a lot, what he meant, what he gave and the gap that is left with his passing.

This brings us to a point of interest.

What is Stitch Revival Studio?

It is the name I chose that best defines and explains my long-held interest in reproducing vintage needlework items. At this stage, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of knitting patterns and I’m quite content to stay there. Knitting gives me peace, especially now. The meditative quality of knitting provides a needed break and allows my many thoughts and to-dos in my head to move into some sort of order.

At some stage in the future, when I’m ready, I’ll move into other needlework art forms. Embroidery is next on my list. Piecework is a close third.

I’ve stitched things ever since I was a child. I enjoy the process and how you can create something new from imagination and craft. It’s a peaceful, rejuvenative process.

Over the years I made things for my family. One of which was a pieced, quilted and embroidered denim computer keyboard cover I made for Dad a long time ago.

I found it where he had left it. Underneath his keyboard to keep it clean.

There, in embroidered white letters, ‘For dad. Love Sharlene.’

I didn’t know he still had it. But of course he would keep it. This was Dad. This was what he valued.

Dad, I miss you.

Thank you for all the things you taught me. For trying to take care of for, yes, almost 54 years. He was still opening ice cream containers for me when I struggled with the little tab thingys. Thank you Dad for appreciating my efforts and supporting me no matter what direction I chose to go, epsecially when you didn’t totally agree with my choice, you supported my right to choose.

And here… in my interest in old stitched textiles, in trying to figure out how things were made and the why… this is where Dad stays with me. A friend once told me, ‘It’s what you value that’s important, not what you have, or who you know. It’s what you value.’

Dad taught me these values and encouraged me, always.

I value Time. Memories. Craft. Purpose. Tradition. Inclusion. The story of you, of all. Each voice. Who we are and where we are going.

The Wheeler Mitts Knitting Kit represents these values, as do my other research and stitching efforts, my magazine articles, future goals, objectives, and projects. The values my Dad taught, by word and example, serve as source and inspiration for Stitch Revival Studio. Past made present.

So, here’s to 2022. And walking forward. To creating more. To once again feeling the joy in the process. To not losing sight of what matters and why.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy stitching.