Wheeler Mitts pattern is just about ready to go

The Wheeler Mitts pattern is just about ready to go!

After much time and effort, the next knitting pattern on my roster is finally nearing completion!

The Wheeler Mitts pattern features a close-knit colourwork pattern and the samples in the photos are knit with locally sourced, naturally dyed wool.

The design was inspired by a pair of vintage knitted gloves once owned by Herbert Wheeler of Belgrave, Ontario and now housed in the textile collection of Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol.

The wool comes from Steele Wool Farm owned by Margaret Steele, a Blyth-area fibre producer. Naturally sourced local dyes, provided by FACTS Blyth, were used to create the palette, the Colours of Huron. Each kit is uniquely different.

Let’s stitch some local history…

  • Huron County Colours dyed by FACTS Blyth
    Huron County Colours naturally dyed by FACTS Blyth. Photo used courtesy of FACTS Blyth.
  1. facts dyed wool jan 2022
  2. Wheeler Mitts - Test Knits front and palm with variations
  3. Wheeler Mitts - Test Knits. Centre pair knit by test stitcher, Patty Kellins, featuring a banding colour variation and longer cuff.
  4. Wheeler Mitts - Test Knits palm close-up
  5. Wheeler Mitts - Test Knits front close-up