Learn to knit

If you’d like to learn how to knit, I suggest you start at your local yarn store. That’s the first place I’ve always gone for advice and tips on knitting patterns and supplies. There are also a lot of great websites and videos on YouTube for those who’d like to learn to knit. To start your learning journey, I recommend Tin Can Knits. They’ve got a great section on learning to knit and provide guided how-to tutorials.

Looking for beginner-friendly patterns?

Tin Can Knits, The Simple Collection –

Ready to try fair isle?

Tin Can Knits, Anthology –

Unsure how to catch floats in two-handed fair isle?

Chai Knuckles Knitting video

Interested in creating your own colourwork charts?

Stitch Fiddle –

Vintage patterns


  • Nalbinding: Nalbinding is an ancient handicraft technique which has been known in many places around the world at least in some period in the history. Other words used to describe nalbinding are for example naalbinding, nalebinding, naalebinding, nålbinding, nålebinding, needle binding, nailbinding, looped needle-netting, needle coiling, knotless netting, and single needle knitting. Click here for more info & to learn how!

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Fibre Producers, Resources & Groups

Knit & Natter Groups

Huron Wristers Kits Pattern Support

We completed a series of Huron Wristers pattern support tutorials. Please go to this link to find the how-to videos.