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Knitting the Huron Wristers video tutorials

Hi there!

I’ve been working on a video series on how to knit the Huron Wristers. The videos are meant to help beginners or knitters with a little experience who would like to knit their own pair of history inspired wristers but maybe need some help with knitting in the round and colourwork.

My knitting skill level is experienced beginner, so I’m always learning, reading and asking lots of questions. I  would like to let you know that the wristers aren’t difficult to make; with a few basic skills in hand, they are designed to be a friendly and inclusive knit: quick and fun for experienced knitters and a small challenge for beginners.

These are my first-ever video tutorials, so you may note a few audio or image glitches, but overall, they provide a good run through on how to knit the wristers.

You can find the tutorials here:

  1. Knitting the Huron Wristers Part 1: Casting On
  2. Knitting the Huron Wristers Part 2: Join In the Round & Ribbing
  3. Knitting the Huron Wristers Part 3A: Colourwork Start
  4. Knitting the Huron Wristers Part 3B: Colourwork Completion
  5. Knitting the Huron Wristers Part 4: Ribbing, Thumb and Bind-Off

If you have any questions or need pattern support, feel free to email me at

Thank you for reading & for your support!


Hi, I'm Sharlene! Mom, rural Huron gal, lover of yarn and life. I enjoy sharing my easy stitching projects and patterns. You'll also find some random thoughts and a bit of nature - Come on in! It's nice to see you!
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